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45 E Derry Rd
Chester, NH 03036


Stone Machine is a southern New Hampshire based precision CNC machine shop. We serve customers in the greater Boston area as well as around the world. 



It goes without saying that machining is at the core of who we are as a shop. We also strive to partner with our customers to offer our experience and resources from the design phase before production to the finishing and assembly phase after production. Please contact us for more information. 

Machining ::  

There are two ways we approach the machining process.

1) Short run and prototype production. Working with customers who are in the process of designing new products or updating old products, or simply with customers who require short run work, we  mill and turn parts in smaller batches. We do short run work on both manual and CNC machines. As described below, we also offer engineering advice in the form of DFM (Design For Manufacturing) to serve our customers from the design phase all the way through to prototype and production.

2) Large quantity. We approach the production of large quantities of parts in two primary ways:

  • First, we have a work cell that is dedicated to staffed production machines. These are CNC machines that are setup and run by machinists on a daily basis. This work cell is primarily characterized by vertical milling machines that range from small machining all the way up to 64" x 40" XY travel.
  • Second, we also have an automated production cell that is characterized by pallet fed 4th axis machining centers and bar fed live tooling lathes. By using these automated machines we are able to run them without constant operator assistance, thereby offering globally competitive pricing, mitigating the possibility of human error, and reducing the need for multiple setups, thereby significantly reducing lead time.

See our equipment list for more information on our capabilities. 

Engineering :: 

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) is our way of helping customers optimize their products for manufacturability. Our experienced staff can talk with our customer's engineers to streamline designs in order to make parts easier and more cost effective to manufacture. We offer this as a service in tandem with parts to be machined, as well as a standalone consulting service.

Finishing and Assembly :: 

Post-Machining. For both short run and production quantity parts, we have in-house staff dedicated to precision deburring, surface finishing, hardware installation, and assembly. We're also more than happy to discuss any plating, painting, or other finish work to be performed by third-party companies.

Engraving. We own a laser engraver that effectively marks logos, serial numbers, or other designs on parts after machining and/or plating. There are some limits to what materials the laser can engrave, so contact us for more info.